We propose an effective design development environment that can be used in participatory design. In particular, it focuses on the development and evaluation of software tools that allow designers developing digital products to collaboratively generate ideas with actual users. The STCTools (State Transition Chart Tools) proposed in this study support the development of user interfaces or content. STCTools utilize the concepts of State and Event for interactive prototyping and consist of three modules: STCmake, STCcompose, and STCrun. Each module allows for the quick creation of States, setting up Events that link them, and running the final prototype in real time. It has been developed to operate on PDAs and Tablet PCs based on sketching. This tool enables designers and actual users to quickly implement and test ideas proposed together in the early stages of the design process. To evaluate its utility, it was applied to a portable information device design project for a zoo. Through this design project, it was found that designers could more easily explore practical ideas with users and have a more active cooperative design workshop. However, it was found that general users have difficulty freely developing new concepts for software interfaces or content. These findings suggest the need for a proactive role of designers when utilizing a collaborative design approach in designing digital products.
임지동, 남택진, "협동적 디자인을 위한 스케치기반 유저인터페이스 프로토타이핑 도구 : STCTools", HCI2004 논문발표집, KO, 2004
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