We present Petmorph, a web application that assists in effectively applying petmorphic design elements to design subjects. Petmorph guides the appropriate application of petmorphic design elements to the design subjects, based on a systematically constructed design framework. Especially, it is convenient to design the interaction of petmorphic products by utilizing the expressional attributes and behavioral traits of pets.
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노예경, 남택진, "자율 주행 차량-운전자의 감성적 인터랙션을 위한 대시보드 디자인 - 부분 자율 주행 상황에서 반려동물 특성을 적용한 사례 개발을 중심으로", HCI KOREA 2017, 하이원리조트 컨벤션 센터, KO, 2017.02.08
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